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Half Log - Swedish Cope

HALF LOG Half Log with Swedish CopeFILLER    
  7" $./Lineal Ft  
              8" $./Lineal Ft      
HALF LOG        
      9" $./Lineal Ft      
      10" $./Lineal Ft      
      11" $./Lineal Ft      
      12" $./Lineal Ft    
      14" Call for pricing    
  Available with Full Log Swedish Cope Saddlenotch Corners - $. - $. / Notch  
  Hand Hewn(based on log size)add $.. to $./ Lineal Ft      
  Vertical Corners available, call for pricing.          
  Log Lengths through 16' at NO additional costs.        
Prices based on Package Quantity.
Species available: Eastern White Pine, White Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar, Lodgepole Pine, Englemann Spruce
Prices subject to change without notice.